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Public Space Renovation


Location: Jerusalem

Year: 2019 

Status: Competition

Client: Jerusalem Muni

Type: Public

In Collaboration with Tomer Harari

The Safra Center is a public opportunity space. In our proposal, we connected the various users throughout the day, the week, the year. For public employees, city residents, tourists and visitors. The addition of the building along Jaffa Street continues the commercial and urban sequence of the street, gives a built-up side to the square and garden and creates a unique mix of uses of public buildings, offices, commerce, ceremony square, concerts, rest and an open public garden.

Inside the built mass, covered passages were opened, creating a sequence of views and movement between the street and the square and the garden.  The existing levels and barriers were eliminated and turned into a slight slope that continues the street into the garden and the square. The garden becomes accessible and inviting to pedestrians and those waiting for public transportation. The combination of commerce in the garden and its connection to the street makes it active and pleasant.

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