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Technion, Haifa


Location: Haifa

Year: 2016 

Status: Competition

Client: Technion

Type: Dormitories 

In Collaboration with Tomer Harari


The medical student dormitory building is not a standard residential building. The common denominator of the tenants requires the dormitory building to contain spaces that create a 'home' for a unique community. This house will give the student the most privacy and at the same time provide him with the advantages of shared living - excellent learning spaces, and a high-quality public space. In our proposal, we dismantled the apartment clusters in the original program into individual rooms by removing the small shared spaces from the apartments and grouping them together into a large public space which extends between the entrance floor, the first floor and the second floor.


The public space is connected to its entire height in an open and common space that starts on Allenby Street and ends in the Antiquities Authority garden. This act allows the student to have the most privacy and at the same time the most partnership - a community. The public space contains the study and leisure center that will allow students to help and learn from each other. Contains many options for collaboration, knowledge transfer and independent work.

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